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Skull Logo Spare Tire Cover
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Topic: Mystical, Paranormal, Occult Tire Covers

Condition: New Ghost Skull tire Cover

Will Last: 3-5 years

Two Year Warranty: by Tire-Covers

Made in:: USA

Products Description


Ghost Skull  CustomGrafixTireCovers™~ Custom printed with 5-year outdoor ink on heavy-weight vinyl. The side band is  attached to the face with piping.  The tire cover is held on by a strong shock cord for mounting. Available on black vinyl only.

The Skull Ghost is a recurring enemy in the Epic Battle Fantasy series, appearing in the first and third games. It is an undead enemy resembling a cross between a skeleton and a ghost, sporting a skull-like head with numerous spikes, a tattered red cape, and black-feathered wings Skull Ghost

Skulls are pretty wicked no matter what they are on but there is nothing quite like stopping at a light and being confronted by this handsome, smug skull staring at you.


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