Custom Jeep Spare Tire Covers

Custom Jeep Spare Tire Covers

Custom Jeep spare tire covers protect the spare tire from the elements while adding a customized look with different designs portraying logos and messages. The designs’ choices vary according to individual preferences though the cover should be made to fit the spare tire’s exact size for a snug fit.

What is a custom Jeep spare tire cover?

Stephen C.  Foster Sr. Often is called Mr. Tire Cover after manufacturing Tire Covers for fifty-one years. I would say any design made by a tire cover maker, large or small operation, that does not copy any Jeep or Mopar design is making a custom Jeep tire cover.

Stephen C Foster
Stephen C. Foster

What kind of designs would that be?

Almost anything other than a factory cover will fit a jeep wrangler. I started making covers with Military logos and covers that would appeal to hunters and fishermen. After a few years of that, I wanted to do more. So I started including designs for girls or young ladies.

Not sure what size to buy? Please use our TIRE SIZE CALCULATOR to check your tire size. — Steve, CEO