How to Measure Tire

How to Measure a Tire for a Tire Cover

  1. Measure the Diameter first. Measure your tire across the face from one side to the other at the point where the front of the tire brakes onto the tread. Move your tape until you have achieved the most significant distance. This will be the Diameter of the tire or the first number.
  2. Measure Across the Tread second. Stand on the side of the tire and measure the width of the tread section of the tire. This will give you the tread with of the tire. 
  3. The Tire Size Number is written on the side of the Tire. An example of that number is P235/70/R18. The middle number is used in the tire calculator’s center. Also, some tires use a T, ATV, OR S instead of a P. This makes no difference. Put the three different numbers in the tire calculator, do not worry about the letters.

These are the measurements to pick out your proper size for a cover. Many tire cover charts are available online and on most package backs in retail stores to help you choose. A link to the Tire-Covers Size chart is here.

Ensure your tire cover fits perfectly by accurately measuring your tire’s diameter. Start by locating the tire size imprint on the sidewall, which details the tire’s width, aspect ratio, and wheel diameter. Alternatively, use a tape measure to gauge the tire’s outer diameter from top to bottom center, ensuring the tire is properly inflated. For a snug fit, select a tire cover size that matches your tire’s dimensions, considering any additional features like a backup camera hole for certain Jeep models. For detailed guidance, a tire size calculator can be a handy tool.

Author Stephen C Foster Sr. ~ Mr. Tire Cover

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Tire Size Chart
Tire Size Chart