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Custom Tire Cover Logo Hats

Custom Tire Cover Logo Hats. Well, who would not want this? You have purchased a tire cover that reflects your personality. Now you can impress your friends with a hat matching the logo you selected for your tire cover. These hats are standard adjustable baseball-style caps with your logo on the front of the cap. Can’t wait to have this? Order one now with your tire cover.

How we make your matching Logo Hats

Our supply stock plans months of cutting in advance from our supplier’s stock. To supply the printing department with the product needed for their printing schedule. Which is determined by our sales department and executive management team. Similarly, at the same time, we have a team that cuts and ties our elastic. Which is sewn into the sideband to hold the tire cover in place when installed. Other people involved in making and shipping our tire covers include those who make the plastic liners we supply in sending the tire cover to make them easier to install. Also, the employees who make and install the security grommets, cable, and lock, for those customers who feel they need such a product.

In addition, what happens when you place an order?

Our front offices have two order processors who print out orders over the phone and the internet. In addition, they review them to check shipping addresses for correctness. Orders are then sent to the floor to order pullers, which see if the product is in stock, and the customer is sent an email verification of processing.

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