Smiley Face Tire Covers for 4x4 and RV Owners

The first happy face recorded on film can be seen in Ingmar Bergman’s 1948 film “Hamnstad”. Later on, in 1953 and 1958, the happy face was used in promotional campaigns for motion pictures Lili and Gigi, respectively.First use of happy face in a campaign for the film Lili in 1953.

The WMCA 1962 sweatshirt. The happy face was first introduced to popular culture in 1962 when the WMCA radio station in New York ran a competition for the most popular radio show at the time, “Cousin Brucie”. Listeners who answered their phone “WMCA Good Guys!” were rewarded with a “WMCA good guys” sweatshirt that incorporated a happy face into its design. Thousands of these sweatshirts were given away. The WMCA smiley was yellow with black dots as eyes, but it had a slightly crooked smile instead of a full smile, and no creases in the mouth. Popular with all Jeep, Camper, Motor Home and Trailer Owners.