Antique Rose Iris Flower Garden by Foster Spare Tire Cover


Antique Rose Iris Flower Garden by Foster Spare Tire Cover

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This special category contains original hand-painted, air-brushed, and silk-screened covers by recognized, professional artists.  They are truly One-of-a-Kind, since they are individual and unique – no two can ever be identical.  The artist is solely responsible for the concept, design and content, which has been done by the artist independently.  This particular work is hand-signed by the artist.

Antique Rose Iris Flower Garden Spare Tire Cover by Foster

The Iris belongs to a family of plants that is justly popular in this country for its many varieties of handsome garden blooms, beautifying the borders in spring and early summer. The plant is named after the rainbow goddess, ‘Iris,’ from the beauty and variety of colors in the flowers of the genus. From ancient times the stately Iris stood as a symbol of power and majesty – it was dedicated to Juno and was the origin of the scepter, the Egyptians placing it on the brow of the Sphinx and on the scepter of their kings, the three leaves of its blossoms typifying faith, wisdom and velour.

The beautiful colors on this tire cover will take you back to the days you played in the garden. The Antique Rose Colored Iris cover reminds you of a sunny spring day, filled with beautiful flowers in bloom all around you.

This painting manages to capture that majesty.  It is approximately 26″ across, on our heavy-duty, black tire-cover vinyl – the artist’s “canvas”, so to speak.  When finished to fit larger tires, this vinyl gives the impression of an attractive circular “frame” around the composition.

“Foster” studied in Dallas, Texas, and exhibited there in an exclusively-run Gallery.  The artist has also displayed at countless public exhibitions, and currently resides in central Florida.

This cover was hand-painted using artist acrylic paints, which when dry are waterproof and flexible.  We then coated it with a protective silicone to enhance it’s beauty and increase it’s durability.  We must size it, upon order, to fit your particular tire diameter from 26″ – 33″.  We will then continue the manufacturing process by sewing welting cord around the outer edge of the face to form a strong “bead”.  Either a 10″ or 12″ side-band (depending on your tire size) covers your tire tread, and includes a strong shock chord sewn inside the inner edge to hold the cover securely on the tire.

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