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Design Your Own Tire Cover 89.95

(13 customer reviews)


[ The Camera hole can only be added to 30″, 31″, 32″, 33″,  35″, 37″ Tire Covers.]

Not sure what size to buy? Please use our TIRE SIZE CALCULATOR to check your tire size. — Steve, CEO


Design Your Own Tire Cover Page

Order Custom Made Personalized Spare Tire Covers with Custom Art or your business name and logo here.
We will make the necessary modifications to make it camera ready for printing. 

Call to add Side Band Printing or a Camera Hole.

IMPORTANT:    Write the following two items down RIGHT NOW, and be sure to type them later in the COMMENTS BOX during our Check-Out procedure :

1.    Select your SPARE TIRE ID# (such as P225/75R15) for an Example. 

2. Send your art request plus any ( jpeg, pdf, ping) to      along with a contact phone number.

( Do Not Send a ZIP File )

If sending artwork from a cell phone, send it to 727-831-0294 

For further information call 727 953-8216

Order now and send us your cover idea to
We have been in the Design Your Own Business for 48 Years
and have over 10,000 Satisfied Customers who have one of our covers.
Send us your Image Or Idea.
We will provide proof to the customer before printing for verification and customer satisfaction.
 If you are having problems with the email option or need to talk to the Graphics Designer… please request a call from the designer….Steve Jr
Please include your Phone Number with all Email Inquiries.
Coupons are not allowed on Design Your Own Tire Covers We have been making Spare Tire Covers since 1973….!
Our best tire covers with your message or personal image.
Your Business Name, Brand, Logo, Pet, ????????your imagination….and we can make it happen for you. 
Anything rough we make from scratch for you.  It mainly depends on the resolution ..clarity of line quality. 
So, download what you want and send it for me to review.
Premium Heavy Duty Outdoor Marine Grade Vinyl.
Sizes from 27″ to 37″ diameters 

*Add a Camera hole $14.95

*Add a Security System (grommets, cable & lock ) $18.00 

Tread widths range from 4″ to 14″depending on the order of diameter.
Let us help you show off your Name or Your Business Today at the lowest direct pricing available.

Important Installation Guidance

   (Your new tire cover comes with a plastic bag to put over your tire before installing tire covers for better installation and cover protection from staining from tire resins. To use any warranty service, the liner must be used and returned with the cover for any coverage to apply.)

   Here’s a chance to create your Personalized Design

Here are a few photos of our most recent Design Your Own Tire Covers.


Custom Grafix Tire Covers

Additional information

Select size

26", 27", 28", 29", 30", 31", 32", 33", 34", 35", 37"

13 reviews for Design Your Own Tire Cover 89.95

  1. Margery to Grafix (store manager)

    From: Margery

    Sent: Wednesday, December 23, 2015 12:29 PM
    Subject: RE: Custom tire cover

    Thank you so much for such an amazing job. We absolutely love it.

    Happy Holidays, Marge Showmaker

  2. Patrick Lauwers to Grafix (store manager)

    From: Patrick Lauwers

    Sent: Tuesday, December 29, 2015 11:29 PM
    Subject: Re: FW: AUSTRALIA

    Hi Steve,

    Hope you had a great Xmas.

    The cover arrived yesterday, and the new car today. Perfect timing! Although the timing is a bit bizarre that the cover arrived on the day that Lemmy (the frontman of Motörhead) passed away.

    Anyways, as you can see on the picture, it looks amazing! Great job! Thanks for your help in getting it here this quickly. Will keep copies of your business flyers in the car for when anyone asks.

    Again thank you and a happy new year!!!


  3. Meilbeck, Lawrence E to Grafix (store manager)

    From: Meilbeck, Lawrence E

    Sent: Monday, September 08, 2014 3:38 PM

    Steve— I received my spare tire cover today and it is incredible!! The colors of the artwork are excellent and the red looks like it is perfect to match my car!! I will try to get it put on the spare tonight and will send you a picture of it! I won best of class with “Easy” again this weekend at a car show. This will be the final finishing touch to it! Next I might have to have you make a couple of barstool covers to match it!!
    Thanks again! Great job! Larry

    Larry Meilbeck

  4. Tracy Garcia to Grafix (store manager)

    From: Tracy Garcia

    Back-Lit Tire Cover

    Sent: Wednesday, May 25, 2016 12:16 PM
    Subject: RE: Spare tire cover

    Love it…..getting a lot of thumbs up on the road and looks great at night.

  5. Shelley Hecht to Grafix (store manager)

    From: Shelley Hecht
    Sent: Tuesday, April 19, 2016 9:39 PM
    Subject: Love it!

  6. Marc Seidler to Grafix (store manager)

    Review “Cover came out great. Exactly as I wanted. Great quality and Fit. Easy installation.”

    Marc Seidler

  7. Tom Durham to Grafix (store manager)

    From: Tom Durham

    Date: 07/02/13 07:23:29


    Subject: Thanks!

    Hey, Steve Jr.,

    Guess what I received yesterday?

    Man, you did an excellent job on the tire cover! No, I don’t feel comfortable calling it a ‘tire cover’. It’s an ‘object d’art’! I’ve already sent photos to everybody I know in the mountains out west.

    Thank you so much for a quality product, Steve.

    Have a great day.


  8. Ken Lawson to Grafix (store manager)

    Hello, Just a quick note to you that I today received my new POW-MIA Jeep Wrangler Tire Cover. Fit great,looks beautiful and as good a job as the prior one I had from 6 yrs.ago. from you. See ya in 5 yrs !!!

    Ken Lawson
    Cape Cod,MA

  9. Downing Bethune to Grafix (store manager)

    From:Downing Bethune

    Date: 4/16/2016 6:08:56 PM

    Subject: General Inquiry Enquiry from

    Order ID: #35533

    Just wanted to let you know the tire cover arrived today safe and sound. The slight hiccup in processing my order notwithstanding, I’m very pleased with this tire cover. It replaces one that I got from you six years ago almost to the day. I didn’t think it was possible to have a cover that would look nicer than my original, but this one is even better.

    See you in six years!



  10. Cecilia Driscoll to Grafix (store manager)

    Design Your Own

    From: Cecilia Driscoll

    Sent: Monday, August 03, 2015 5:57 PM
    Subject: Thank you

    It came today and it looks awesome!!!

    Cecilia Driscoll

  11. Mollie B. Nelson to Grafix (store manager)

    From: Mollie B. Nelson

    Mollie B Nelson
    Sent: Thursday, September 24, 2015 12:09 PM

    On Behalf Of

    Subject: THANK YOU!!

  12. James Hostetler to Grafix (store manager)

    From: James Hostetler

    Sent: Sunday, September 27, 2015 3:12 PM
    Subject: Re: Suzuki Samurai spare


    Here is a picture of the cover with the little rascal.

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