Flying Ducks Tire Cover




Flying Ducks  Tire Cover

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Select 26″-37″ Tire Covers.
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             Includes Protective Tire Cover Liner for Easy Installation

Groups of ducks have been called several names. The one used most often is a paddle of ducks. They are also called a flock, raft, team, badelynge, bunch, and a brace of ducks. Most scientists just use the term flock for all groups of birds.

If you’re going to duck hunt with a retriever, you have to have a hunting retriever stand. There are just too many places you can’t take a dog without one. Most guys who hunt, have some sort of old deer stand they can lock on a tree to use when hunting flooded timber. Hunting shallow swamps and marshes without timber require something to keep your dog out of the water when not retrieving. You might say, he’s a retriever, he can suck it up. But, he or she actually can’t physically bear an extended period of time in frigid waters. Their body will shut down and you’ll be in for a whopping vet bill if you realize it in time. So, keep your dog out of the water when they aren’t retrieving!

Diving ducks are agile swimmers that dive far beneath the surface of the water in search of food, including fish, insects, and aquatic plants. These ducks prefer to stay in the water and can be ungainly on land. Diving duck species include the scaups, goldeneyes, canvasback, rosy bill, and redhead.

 Eider~These types of sea-ducks are found in very northern, Arctic habitats, and they’re well known for their lush down and its spectacular insulating properties that protect them from the harsh cold. Eider species include the common, spectacled, Stellers, and king eider.

Goldeneye~Aptly named for their brilliant yellow eyes, goldeneye duck species are diving ducks characterized by their big, round heads. They nest in tree holes and have sharp black and white plumage. Goldeneye species include the common and Barrow’s goldeneyes, though buffleheads are sometimes categorized as goldeneyes as well.

Perching Duck

Perching ducks have claws on their webbed feet and can regularly be found perching in trees along wooded waterways and other areas with appropriate trees for nesting. The Muscovy, pink-eared, wood and mandarin ducks are examples of perching ducks.


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