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 Print Backless Bar Stool Covers

One of these Pastel Colored solid-color vinyl bar-stool covers are bound to match the decor at your bar, patio, lounge or deck. They eliminate the need for expensive/time-consuming re-upholstery of old fabric – just pop them over your bar stool seat! Or, even make new stools more attractive the same way!

They are American-made, and and are available any Quantity. Since the base vinyl used is Marine Grade and UV-protective-coated, these covers are excellent for Outdoor as well as Indoor applications. They have a strong elastic side band for a secure, snug fit.

Available in 4 sizes: (Padding available under Bar Stool Padding.)

12″x2″ diameter stool tops (most standard wooden styles)

12″x4″ diameter stool tops (most standard wooden styles with padding)

14″x4″ diameter stool tops 

15″x14″ diameter stool tops 

These can be ordered in any quantity desired – after selecting your Size and Color , Select the Quantity desired. 

There is a split in the side band in one spot to allow expansion so that they will slip-on.

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Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Bar Stool Size

12"x4", 15"x4", 12" x 2", 14" x 4"

Available Prints

#1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6

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