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The Face Tire Cover


Show off with this spare tire cover!

According to tradition, Veronica encountered Jesus along the Via Dolorosa on the way to Calvary. When she paused to wipe the blood and sweat off his face with her veil, his image was imprinted on the cloth. The story is not recorded in its present form until the Middle Ages.

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The Face Tire Cover

 Custom Grafix Tire Covers®

Custom printed Tire Cover with 5-year outdoor ink on heavy-weight vinyl. The side band is attached to the face with piping.

A strong shock cord holds on the tire cover for mounting. Available on black vinyl only.

Although the Shroud of Turin has been publicly displayed by Roman Catholics at least since the 16th century, the faint image of the Holy Face on it cannot be clearly seen with the naked eye and was only observed with the advent of photography. In 1898, amateur Italian photographer Secondo Pia was startled by the negative image in his darkroom as he developed the shroud’s first photograph. The happenstance by which Secondo Pia received the King’s approval to attempt the first photograph of the Shroud for an exhibition was unusual in its own right

Not sure what size to buy? Please use our TIRE SIZE CALCULATOR to check your tire size. — Steve, CEO

After the order, Pre Shipping time is estimated at one to three days for preparation and packing. Shipping is either by USPS or UPS.

Shipping time is estimated from one day for zone one through two, two days for Zone Three through Zone Four, and three to five days for zone five through zone six. All shipping is done from Florida at zip code 33781


Custom Grafix Tire Covers

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